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Chris Lundy

February 27, 2009

lundy_la_showtime_21I’ve been a huge fan of Chris Lundy’s art since the early 90’s. I used to clip it out of magazines and paste it on my walls for inspiration. One time when I was visiting Maui I saw the poster he did for the Eddie. I begged the surf shop for one, and they finally gave in. That poster followed me with every move I made, all over the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Australia. It’s pretty tattered now, but I still have it. A few years ago I got to meet him at a show he had in Portland. It was great to finally see his work in person. I ended up cashing in some savings that my mom had given me to purchase a small original. I absolutely love that piece.

He just contacted me to inform me of a show he has in March. If you have never seen his art in person, I highly recommend attending this event: 

Chris Lundy @ James Gray Gallery

Opening Reception – March 14, 2009, 6:00-9:00 PM – showing through April 12, 2009

2525 Michigan Avenue, Building D4

Santa Monica, CA 90404


Encountering Da Bull

February 26, 2009

greg_nollI’m a bit of a surfing history buff. I usually read my Surfers Journals and other magazines cover to cover. I’ve also enjoyed a few biographies including All for a Few Perfect Waves, the Mickey Dora story. I highly recommend it.

In the early 90’s I read a great book about Greg Noll. Those guys had so many good adventures back in the day. Round about 2002 or so I was getting out of the water at my home surf spot and a truck pulls up really close to me. The window rolls down and a voice booms, “I wanna shake your hand”. I could hardly believe my eyes, it was Greg Noll! In Southern California and other places it’s quite common to see a surf legend I imagine. But I live in Oregon and it’s not (Greg just happens to live nearby). He says he’s stoked to see me out there by myself on a shitty day with no one caring to watch me. I was thinking, “Yeah that’s my surfing experience in a nutshell”. We talked for a while and then he left.

A couple years later he had a book signing in my hometown. On display were a number of his handmade boards. Many of which are featured in the book Greg Noll – The Art of the Surfboard. It was fun to encounter him in the two contexts, one at a book-signing being larger than life, and the other as just a guy on the beach stoked at a kid having fun in the waves.

Mac Reality Check

February 26, 2009


I love my Mac computer; from a design standpoint it’s beautiful. It seems to operate far better than any of the PCs I’ve owned. But I’m not obsessed with Mac’s. I still like to be away from my computer more than I like to be in front of it. That’s probably why I don’t own an iPhone yet (although I’m very tempted). I thought this morning I would post a couple of items for all of us Apple lovers out there. Fanboy obsession is always great to ridicule. One is a list of 25 signs that you might be an Apple fanboy. The other is from my favorite director David Lynch.

Michel Gondry

February 25, 2009

I just read that Michel Gondry is set to direct The Green Hornet. I’m not sure that is a good fit for him, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I love his innovative and unique approach to movie making.

Upcoming Solo Show

February 24, 2009


My current load of creations

My current load of creations

I have a solo show coming up soon in Portland, Oregon. It will take place at Artful Goods. It’s quite a nice contemporary gallery and gift shop.

Opening Night: Friday, March 6th

Artful Goods, 1233 SW 10th, Portland, Oregon

BoomBox Envy

February 24, 2009

The Williams Model 8060 Twin Cassette Radio Record Player

When I was a kid I wanted one of those sick boomboxes I’d see in the movies and magazines. Being from a small Oregon town we didn’t have any sort of ghetto-blaster outlet stores. But I just found a site on the history of the boombox and I see the desire to have one of these hasn’t gone away. I’d take this over an Ipod any day.

The Morning Advantage

February 24, 2009


A break in the storm near my house

A break in the storm near my house

This was a stunning scene I saw near my house one early cold morning.