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New Paintings Coming Soon!

March 31, 2009


I’ve been heading in a lot of new directions artistically, and I am excited with the results. My artwork is becoming more dimensional as I strive to create something between a painting and sculpture. The incorporation of driftwood has also become a nice contrast to my bright colors and whimsical lines.

Summer is going to be busy for me with shows. I look forward to premiering some of these new works at these events. I will post a calendar on my blog shortly. One event in particular that I am very excited to be participating in is a group show at Art Whino in Washington D.C. The subject is world politics. That’s not something I normally cover in my art, but have a great idea and can’t wait to unveil it.


Surfer’s Ear Sucks

March 30, 2009

ear_illustration2A few days ago I went temporarily deaf in my left ear. There is nothing wrong with my hearing. I just have something blocking my canal. It’s a boney growth called Surfer’s Ear. The last time I went in for a check-up, I was telling the doctor about Surfer’s Ear and that I have it. He was acting as if he was listening. Then he stuck his little viewing instrument in my ear and goes “whoa! I’ve never seen anything like that”. He then calls in all his nurses for them to see. Then he goes away and comes back later to tell me what’s up with my ear. I said “yeah, I know I just told you that”.

I did the math the other day, and I postponed this operation by about fourteen years by either moving to Portland and Seattle or living in Hawaii and Australia. But now that I am back on the Oregon Coast my ear is fed up. I go to Portland on Friday to visit a specialist and probably set-up an appointment to have the operation. It won’t be fun, but with my current state of being deaf in my left ear, it’s a better alternative.

Now Hear This

March 26, 2009


Chuck Jones cartoon’s will forever have a dear place in my heart. I grew up on them, and love them as much today as I did then. Now Hear This shows his ability to make something fun and original even after so many years of making cartoon shorts. It was also the first Warner Bros. cartoon short to use the “modern” abstract opening and closing sequences. O.k. I am officially a geek on some level for giving you that useless bit of information.

Amputee Surf Story

March 25, 2009


My wife sent me this article from the OC Register this morning. It’s the story of Mohammad Malek. He had accidently tripped some land-mines in Afghanistan while gathering twigs for a fire. He lost both of his legs but miraculously survived. I don’t want to give you the whole story, so follow the link above. There is also a video of him surfing.

MoMa Don’t Preach

March 23, 2009


I was up early this morning and researching an idea for an upcoming show. I came across an interview on Beautiful Decay’s website with Oliver Blanckart. There was a sculpture of his that caught my attention. I thought I would post of the interview:

SL: The work “MoMA Don’t Preach” is a clever double entendre, implying Madonna’s hit single and directly referencing the institution of all art institutions, the Museum of Modern Art. Can you describe why you decided to link these two powerhouses; Madonna, arguably the most iconic and lasting figures from the annals of pop culture, and the Museum of Modern Art, the rigid and stuffy authority on the modern art historical canon? 

 OB: The “MOMA Don’t Preach” sculpture started as one of my favorite mind farts. I was looking at a giant video of Madonna performing during the Africa Aids Unplugged Concert at Wembley, England and I saw the great artist she was with no artifice; and I then made the connection with “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” which I had just seen at MOMA that day. This painting is considered a cornerstone of the MOMA collection, which is nothing more than a painting of prostitutes in a brothel, and I remembered that Picasso was a friend of prostitutes and Madonna was a friend of Basquiat. So, I am exploring inspiration. It is amazing to compare the two figures and say neither one is superior. Museums are tending to be more part of the global entertainment system which is quite new. You pay $20 to get into MOMA; something is weird about that. The dream of institutions and biennales is to attract the popularity of the entertainment industries: Apple is opening a store in the Louvre. To me Madonna is a real pop artist and the museums seek show business success. There is no doubt that pop stars are pop stars but it is unclear that art institutions are trying to be pop stars themselves… 

For more on Oliver’s sculpture, follow this link: PPOW

Fading Memories

March 20, 2009


Those short few years as a kid I spent at the beach everyday of the summer inspire most of what I paint today. When you’re a child you don’t have much of a frame of reference on time, and things don’t seem like they will change that quickly. But they do. As an adult I battle to regain innocence in a world that can have a tendency to crush that spirit. I don’t check out on reality, I try to do my part in society, my motivation being that even when things seem hopeless there is still good to be fought for. That fight is never hopeless.

Infomercial Aloha

March 17, 2009

Just what you need for your workday.It should come with a free barf bag.


March 16, 2009


This is an absolutely amazing video made by Xavier Chassaing. It’s an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

Siggi Eggertsson

March 12, 2009


I recently discovered the work of Siggi Eggertsson when I purchased the newest Gnarls Barkley album. He’s an illustrator originally from Iceland. His work has a slightly old-school feel, yet it is definitely in the here and now. I’m fascinated by contemporary artists who are inspired by the progression of computer pixelation, that our generation has grown accustom to seeing through different developments of computers and game consoles. Now numerous artists are taking that inspiration to another level stylistically, and Siggi is one of my favorites.

Hella’s Try Dis

March 11, 2009

I really like this video and song.