New Painting


A few days ago I finished this painting. I think I’m going to call it The Perch. It is based off of some photos I took less than a month ago. It’s an area near my home. There were only two ways to get to this viewpoint. It’s either crossing a small natural bridge about a foot and a half wide with 100 foot drops on either side, or trekking through poison oak. This time I chose the latter since it’s been at least tens years since I walked the bridge and now seem to get vertigo. I’m really allergic to poison oak, so I made sure I was well covered and then showered afterwards in Fels Naptha soap. Which people claim gets the oils off of your skin.

In a month, this painting is going to be available through Signature Gallery. Limited edition prints will also be available through them. It will also be made into a printed mural that will go up in Brookings.


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