What a week it was

Toyota_Yaris2Holy crap!!! That was a week I don’t want to repeat. The surf contest went well, good waves and all that. I got to interact with people at my art booth. All the work that goes into setting up an art booth on the beach is in and of itself tiring enough. After the contest we swung through Astoria to pick up some artwork from a gallery. Then we were on our way to Portland for my surfers ear surgery the next morning.

When we arrived in Portland the transmission fluid on our old Explorer decided to do an old faithful imitation. Oops. My wife had to get it hauled to a tranny guy (car specialist, not the other type) to get it checked out whilst a surgeon literally took a chisel to my earhole. My surgery went well, that’s a fun story for another day.

The next day we are off to car dealers to try and buy a car. I am 3/4 deaf with a big bandage on my ear, neither Stacey or I had slept well in a week. So I’m not too with it because of stress, a lack of sleep, and various drugs for surgery. We arrive at a Toyota dealership, and they tell us if we could drive our clunker to their lot we would qualify for the clunkers government program. With our hearts in our throats we proceeded to the dealer from across Portland in our government official clunker. We were both thinking, please, please, please let our car make it. Of course there was slow traffic and wrong turns involved (I think the man upstairs finds this sort of thing funny).

We made it to the dealer, our salesperson reminded me of Zsa Zsa Gabor, but she was really cool. After five hours, lots of paper work, and me keeping my mouth shut because of my lack of a poker face, we drove off in a new Yaris. Hooray. I left off the exclamation point there because I’m too damned tired to be that excited at this point. We made it back home yesterday and collapsed to a long well deserved rest. This of course is the highly abridged version. Thanks to everyone that helped us along the way this past week, you are the champions my friends.


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