The Dot and the Line

Chuck Jones is easily my favorite animator/director. His body of work has inspired me probably since I was a baby. I appreciate many other animators, but I return to  his cartoons again and again.

His adaptation of  The Dot and the Line amazes me. Here he’s taking the most rudimentary of elements and gives them life and personality. He does this by making the line thick and thin to show distress, having the line crowd the ball in an ineffective pursuit, or in the end discovering new aspects of himself and refinements by forming new shapes that are more meaningful and lasting than the scwiggle’s (not sure how to spell that) instant gratifications. All this communicated by basically a line, a circle, and a scwiggle.

I wonder if the Dot and Line got married and reproduced. Their offspring could have been Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW. The timeline seems to fit alright. Think about it.


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