Anutha fo yo muthas brutha

Here’s another one hopefully on it’s way to Kauai for my upcoming show. UPS thought that one of my boxes contained hazardous materials (it doesn’t) and I will be sorting that mess out today. The weird thing is, one package made it to the location and one didn’t. Same boxes with relatively the same content. WTF!

This is part of a piece of driftwood I found on a remote section of a beach near my house. I routed out part of it and painted some pretty back in. I love the aesthetic relationship between old and new. Lately, I’m getting more excited about these abstract paintings than my representational ones. So maybe that’s a sign of direction for me.

One aspect of my art that is a bit different than some is that my thought process is backward. I create art with little pre-thought and planning, then when it’s done I ask myself why I created that. I think it creates a venerability in my art where you can see my screw-ups and processes more transparently. So much art and design is about creating this perfect flawless thing to present to the world. Sometimes it lacks empathy for humanities imperfect nature. UPS is a perfect example of this. OOOWWW, you like how I worked that back in? BAM!


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