Kauai Recap

Kauai was a great time. Lots of relaxing and catching up with old friends. Ryan and Lois Ann (friends from way back) had quite the Thanksgiving gathering that included a turkey cooked Kalua style. Another highlight was hiking into an incredible spot to view the Na Pali Coastline. We also surfed, snorkeled, and ate a lot of great food. Wow, it was a much needed time away.

The reason all this was possible was because I had an art show at A. Ell Atelier. Angelique is another old friend and I was honored to have a show at her establishment. It was a great turnout. Many islanders came out and showed their support. The photo above is of a fire-dancer named Lauren that performed for the event. My lovely wife took this photo.


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3 Responses to “Kauai Recap”

  1. galen Says:

    elaborate on the waves please…. sapphire blue swells extending over the horizon? Perfect peeling barrels in wetsuitless waters?

    -The water was about 45 degrees at Newport yesterday. And i think the air temp was about 35

  2. spencerreynolds73 Says:

    You know, it was amazing. I wasn’t on a big mission to get surf, but I did get some. I got Hanelei and Poipu both fun, but mostly I was just cruising with my wife and friends. To be honest, I favor cold isolated surf to crowded warm water waves.
    The water was a nice temp., but since they have had a lot of rain lately it was really brown. I actually duck dove a wave and hit my head on a submersed tree limb. Talk about feeling like I was back in Oregon.
    My favorite thing about being in the islands is that I don’t feel in any way rushed. I just go into complete relaxation mode.

  3. galen Says:

    Well your whole trip sounds just great, and the show was a success.

    And you’re right, something about being an Oregon surfer, makes sitting alone under a gray sky, bundled in neoprene, oddly appealing.

    All I can say is that I hope this North wind quits. It’s freezing up here ( literally!)

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