Ghostland Observatory – Piano Man

This is a great song. I really get into Ghostland Observatory. This performance was at the Triple Door in Seattle for KEXP. If you get a chance drop by their website. I think they are the best radio station on the planet. I spent some years in Seattle going to art school and have an obvious fondness for this unique radio station.

Ghostland also covers a Prince classic, Darling Nikki at this performance. It’s pretty great. When I was a kid, my brother got two Prince ‘Purple Rain’ albums for Christmas one year, and he gave me one. I had to promise my mom that I wouldn’t listen to this song. Mom, I know you read this, so heres my confession. When you tell your child, “don’t listen to this”, there’s a good chance they probably will, and I did.


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One Response to “Ghostland Observatory – Piano Man”

  1. Mom Says:

    I do read your blog and I really like this song – have no clue what they are saying but the beat is great. Prince was also one of my favorites, back in the day, but I don’t even remember “Darling Nikki” so it must have been on my own “don’t play” list :).

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