The Flying Machine

This is something I will be looking forward to seeing. It’s a Polish film about Chopin on a flying piano. The video posted here is a behind-the-scenes enticement. The amount of work that goes into a stop motion movie is incredible. They basically hand-craft little worlds for their characters to exist in. Then it takes round-a-bout 30 repositions of the characters to make one second of film. It’s pain-staking work, but it has such a unique feel. I’m really glad it’s not a lost art with the relative ease of computer animation. I think this film will be a must see.

My wife always rolls her eyes when we rent a movie that has interesting special features  you can watch after the movie. I’ll usually watch all of them. I love the process, I’d usually enjoy an artist’s sketchbook process more than I enjoy their finished piece.

I just found this clip on Cartoon Brew.


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