I love seasons and here in Oregon you get to experience them all. If not in your town, then you are at least a short drive from them. This January was tough. The local newspaper said that it rained 29 out of 31 days. I would add to that, that the two days of sun were a rain/sun mix. December had a lot of rain, and February has had a lot of rain with rain in the seven-day forecast. This amount of rain is even trying on me, who grew up here. Thankfully, I have a lovely wife who’s smile is like sunshine on my soul, and creative endeavors that help me escape mentally, for a bit. I get challenged to face the saturated outdoor reality and find good things about it. Here are a few things I think about: First off, I love the rain in all it’s make the world as mushy and muddy as possible goodness. Second, this amount of rain makes me really appreciate the sun when it shows it’s high-beams. It’s the ultimate laser-light show. Third, we need the rain right now. Believe it or not, there’s been a shortage these past few years, so this is a good thing. Fourth, people moving here from other places are put to a test that’s good for our population control (I know this sounds a little evil, but it mostly weeds out the people who can’t stop talking about where they came from). This area has so much stunning beauty even on the wet overcast days, that when the sun does decide to show, it’s as beautiful as anywhere in the world. Shush…don’t tell anybody though.


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