1…2…4…7…Oh, I Give Up

I really love animation from the 60’s and 70’s. One day I hope to make an animated short, and it will probably be heavily influenced by this time period. I spent some formative years learning to count watching toons like this on Sesame Street. It’s fun to go back and revisit some of these old shorts on YouTube.

I wonder what was going on with this particular animator. There’s a three-headed monster that seems to check with his two other heads before he eats you, the devil, two racing/getaway scenes, and ten undercover agents. O.k., so some drugs were probably taken and paranoia has set in. I see that theme. How does the guy juggling the three balls that become three blind mice fit? Oh, he’s probably the dealer, and the mice represent his customers! It all makes sense. I should probably write a disclaimer now with some sort of official sounding language thats meant to be mumbled at a high rate of speed: I don’t condone drug use, or the paranoia that ensues. Parents, don’t worry about your kids watching Sesame Street. They won’t pick up on these themes. They just like counting and fun colors. No really, don’t believe me? It’s taken me 30+ years to pick up on a theme here. I’m a little slow though. 🙂


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