Orson Welles Talks About Audience

Orson Welles observations about audience on this video are spot on. What he says here is still relevant thirty years later. It’s too bad Dinah distracts him toward the middle of the interview with surfacy questions about other performers. Even then I think Mr. Welles observations have significant substance.

Some of my colleagues in visual art have become masters at romancing or seducing their audience. Others aren’t masters, they just bash you over the head with a constant barrage of “look at me”. They attempt to dominate as Mr. Welles puts it. I have always personally struggled with either of these methods. This creates a lot of dilemma for me. The “look at me” part of self-promotion gives me ill feelings. My nature doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. I enjoy people appreciating my artwork, but not so much looking straight at me. Putting energy into promoting my art has always taken second place (or third or fourth) to actually making art.

I’m quite thankful for the small group of people that appreciate my art. I’m not a flashy, hipster clone or a “look at me” guy, and you don’t seem to care. That’s my ideal audience. Your support has kept my creative balls (ha-ha) a rollin through the years.

I found this Orson Welles interview on Cartoon Brew.


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