Here’s a new painting I did this week for the Sacred Craft surfboard expo I will be at this weekend in Ventura. I think I will call the piece Fury, and I’m almost positive I’m done with it. If there were any more work to be done it would be taking off more paint.

The more I paint, the more I feel I’m being lead on a journey as opposed to having a vision and seeing that through. I was trying to finish this piece the other day and the clock was ticking. The Sacred Craft event was approaching fast. I basically had a finished piece and wasn’t satisfied with it. Then I brought out the sand paper and started sanding off the paint. Low and behold I now feel satisfied with the piece.

I wish I could say that painting is always this enjoyable experience. It is at times, but it’s also very frustrating. Part of the problem for me is that it involves constant problem solving and always growing your abilities. Growing is painful. If I’m struggling with a painting, I’ll look for any chore to do so I don’t have to face the damn painting. This painting has all that emotion wrapped up in it and then some. So I think I kind of like it.


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One Response to “Fury”

  1. robb Says:

    lots of love brother!

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