Kayak Adventure

Over the weekend the ocean was having one of those extremely rare no wind and no waves days. My wife and I decided to take advantage of it and took off on a little kayak adventure. We saw views of the coast that I’ve never seen before. I grew up exploring this area from land, and never knew there were so many sea caves below my feet.

The picture and video are poor quality due to the cheap camera I was using. Yes, that is my nose in the video. I had to improvise on how I would hold my camera and paddle at the same time. I was able to clench part of the camera with my teeth.


2 Responses to “Kayak Adventure”

  1. mosscow Says:

    SPOO-KEEEEEEE… Was that Secret Beach @ high tide?

  2. spencerreynolds73 Says:

    Getting very warm! You know the spot. It’s a highly visible spot. I’ve been admiring this spot for years and never knew there was a cave below my feet. I felt like I found a secret level on Mario Bros. Except of course this was a lot better.

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