There and Back Again

My whirlwind six day trip to San Diego for an art show is now history. Driving 2000 miles in six days really takes it out of you. I have to give a shout out to coffee for it’s ability to give me get up and go when it’s got up and went. Mmmm…coffee. Our little economy car did great as well! It takes about two tanks of gas to cover the whole length of California. Thanks also to everyone who gave me a couch to crash on, a meal to devour, or a nice word about my art. The support means a lot.

The show went well and I really enjoy getting to hang out with the different artists, surfboard shapers, and people interested in both those things. Good conversation was had abundantly. Cheers.


2 Responses to “There and Back Again”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Oh and the little wife who stayed home and feed and watered the cat and garden.

  2. Mosscow Says:

    Bottom picture caption:

    “Did you smell that?”

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