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Potty Party

September 28, 2010

I donated a serigraph print on wood to this fundraiser held on Thursday night (September 30th). It will be auctioned off at the event. If you are in the San Diego area, it would be a fun event to attend. For more information, go to Walu International.


Beach Rocks

September 20, 2010

I find a lot of inspiration at my local beach. I took these shots yesterday. They’re going to help inspire my new series. I won’t have time to start the series until late October, so until then I’ll be filling my sketchbook with ideas.

So Long Summer

September 9, 2010

Skimboarding represents summer to me. Instead of chasing little mushy waves for surfing, I prefer a little shorebreak intensity near my house. I’m sad summer is almost over. I’ll just watch this video, living vicariously through these amazing riders, dreaming about moves I’ll never be able to do myself.

An Old Drawing

September 1, 2010

Many years ago I drew a lot of scenes where waves were overtaking land. Surfers were usually a part of these scenes. They’d be out having a great time in the unfolding chaos that was happening around them. Here’s one of those drawings that never made it to being a painting. One of these days I may pick up that theme again. I still find it interesting. For the moment though, I’m taking a break from painting surf scenes. I need a change of pace. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll have something to show in the new direction. As for the why on the theme of these old drawings, I’ll leave that up to you.