Kung-Fu and Rock and Roll will Folk You Up!

On a recent trip to visit the in-law’s I had some time to kill. I found this old People Magazine showcasing pop culture icons. I thought it would be fun practice to capture their likeness in a sketch. This has always been challenging for me. I don’t strive to create exaggerated caricatures. I have a deep appreciation of the human form as it is. You learn a lot about a person’s features when you draw them. I tend to make a lot of assumptions about their features. I’m my biggest critic and the only one I really like is Mick Jagger, though I still don’t think I made his mouth to scale. It’s really large! I think if I redrew Bob Dylan, I could get something with which I would be pleased. Clockwise from the upper-left is Axl Rose, Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan, and Mick Jagger.


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2 Responses to “Kung-Fu and Rock and Roll will Folk You Up!”

  1. mark hill Says:

    I like Dylan best- you captured that brooding look he has

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