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Rippled-All India Radio

April 29, 2011

I found this video quite inspiring this morning. It was entirely shot in camera using long exposure techniques. I sort of understand the process of long exposure; I’ve played around with it myself, but linking all that together to make an animation astounds me.


My New Studio

April 21, 2011

After about a year and a half of working on it in my spare-time (and with the help of others), I’ve finished my studio! I quickly took pictures of it, because I know it will never look this pristine again. I’m excited for all the new creative experiences that will happen in this space. It was important to me to give it a good feel, since I’ll be spending a lot of time here.

Five of the best

April 11, 2011

Club of the Waves is celebrating their fifth anniversary. They asked the artists and photographers to pick their top 5 favorite images or artwork. My top 5 are always changing, so if you asked me in a week, I may give you a different list. Anyways, follow this link to see my current top 5 as of last week. Thanks to Club of the Waves for all their support over the years.

The Glide – Jon Frank and the Australian Chamber Orchestra

April 7, 2011

I was just at watching the latest surf video snippets and found this beautiful video. As much as I’m astounded at what surfers can do these days, I’ve become a bit numb to the trickery combined with the latest pop music single. The formula hasn’t changed since I first started watching surf videos in the early 80’s. When you see the same images repeatedly, the extraordinariness of the amazing athletes can become under-appreciated. So really I’m saying more about my state of being than about the rad videos.

If you also suffer from this condition, but still love surfing, take a few minutes to watch this video. Enlarge it if you can, project it on a wall if you have that option (I’m going to), and enjoy.

A Little Inspiration

April 5, 2011