New Website!

It’s been long overdue. I’ve lolly-gagged, put-off, and flat-out ignored the fact that I’ve needed a new website for years now. Finally, time was invested by my web-developer, my wife and myself on a new website! I really excited about it. So much so that from June 20th through the 25th we’re going to give 25% of our print sales to the Oregon chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

The new website has many great new features. I could geek-out and share those with you, but it’s better if you spend some time and found out what they are for yourself.


6 Responses to “New Website!”

  1. maria brophy Says:

    Spencer, great work on your new site! And your newsletter looked great, too. You are a shining example of what all artists should be doing…(though it’s a lot of effort, time, and money….but worth it!)

  2. Jim Lee Says:

    Spencer: I’m really excited to see your work on your new site! It Inspires me to continue work on my own, hopefully it just gets better. The north coast is truly magical, Good luck and keep up the great work!

  3. Zemorah Says:

    He Spencer, an ‘hello’ from Amsterdam with your painting in the background! Still enjoying it every day!

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