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A Friday Diddy

August 19, 2011

A great band, my favorite radio station, and a song about how my head feels by the end of the week.


Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?

August 9, 2011

Kim Asendorf

Chris Abbas

Good day, gentlemen. This is a prerecorded briefing made prior to your departure and which for security reasons of the highest importance has been known on board during the mission only by your H-A-L 9000 computer. Now that you are in Jupiter’s space and the entire crew is revived it can be told to you. Eighteen months ago the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. It was buried 40 feet below the lunar surface near the crater Tycho. Except for a single very powerful radio emission aimed at Jupiter the four-million year old black monolith has remained completely inert. Its origin and purpose are still a total mystery.








Longboard Travel Case

August 8, 2011



Little Blake

August 2, 2011

Welcome to the world little buddy!

Slide Magazine Article

August 1, 2011

There’s an article about my artwork in the latest issue of Slide Magazine. You can pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble, or hopefully at your local surf-shop