Sacred Craft Recap

Phew…what a whirlwind of a week I had down south. I drove the length of California, twice. The friday night art event at Bliss 101 was a great time. I enjoyed getting to meet and hang out with the whole crew at the shop, as well as locals from the area that came out to show their support. Then it was on to Sacred Craft for the weekend event. I painted alongside many of my favorite artists, some of whom I’ve been fans of for close to thirty years. There were also many younger artists painting that I admire immensely. Good vibes were flowing the whole weekend. The only regret we all had was that we didn’t get enough time to hang out with each other.

The above pic is of me and Jeff “Doc” Lausch of Surf Prescriptions posing with the board I’m working on for SurfAid International. Doc’s a really cool guy and I’m really stoked with his support for this project. Many people were snapping pics of me painting the board over the weekend. One place I just noticed one showing up is on If you scroll down the page, you’ll see a Sacred Craft photo highlights that you can click on. Yes, that’s me painting in the photo that represents the whole event!

I was also able to drop off art at two area shops while I was there. The first I already mentioned is Bliss 101. The second is Surf Indian in Pacific Beach. Between the two shops, all of my originals, canvas prints, and small paper prints were dispersed. I basically don’t have anything left on hand. I now need to get back to work on creating new artwork and prints. Time to finish this blog entry and get back at it.


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