The Uncaring…

I was looking through some old art files of mine this morning and came across this marker sketch I did sometime around 1994. I used to draw a lot of cartoon characters back in the day. The title of the piece is “The Uncaring Face of Exhilaration”. I’ve always poured a lot of meaning into my work, even with my cartoons. This was an unabashed depiction of how I feel we should be while surfing: stoked out of our minds. All cool is lost in a moment of pure fun. Any apprehensions this character carries with him daily are lost in the moment. I still enjoy this drawing.


One Response to “The Uncaring…”

  1. bill johnson Says:

    i do not remember this specific drawing i know the intensity you feel in that moment and i think that it captures the essence of you in that moment i was always scared but you were fearless when it came time to charge i always new that you would do something with your artistic talent it is great to see

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