October 27, 1995

I found out yesterday that Fugazi recently released a live concert series on their website. They recorded more than 800 of their live shows. I saw them on October 27, 1995 in Seattle, Washington. I found and purchased a copy of the concert I went. I’m listening to it and reliving right now as I write this blog entry.

This band was important to me for so many reasons. First and foremost, they were amazing musicians. Like so many others, the 13 songs album was my first exposure to them. I probably listened to it at least two times a day for months; for the rest of the year maybe once a day. I bought every album after that, and also got into Minor Threat. They were true do-it-yourself, buck the traditional modes of operation type of band. Many other bands acted as if they were, even though they weren’t. Fugazi’s albums were $8 (instead of the normal price of around $16), shows were $5-$15 (instead of $25 for bands of their popularity), and at Ian’s request, the crowd would stay well-mannered at the live shows.

Their influence has affected my creative life in a few ways. I try to have art at price points that anyone can afford. In order to do that, I mostly make my own giclee prints. I’m also attempting to make my own serigraph prints. These are more tactile to me than the digital prints. My originals are also relatively affordable considering the amount of time I spend on them. The do-it-yourself method has also allowed me to survive without much gallery support or many corporate freelance jobs. I’m definitely not as pure about it as Fugazi, but the ethos they believed in runs through my veins too.



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