Local Knowledge

The area I live in is beautiful and inspires a lot of my art directly or indirectly. Be it the ocean and it’s powerful waves, interesting lines on rock formations, the redwoods, local rivers, etc. In a kind of contrast to this majestic natural order are the people that interact with our area on a daily basis. They’re also inspiring at times, but are…human, and therefore kind of funny. Whether it’s intentional or not. This weekly blog entry I’m calling “Local Knowledge” will give you a sense of the beauty, admiration, humor, or bizarre sights I encounter on a weekly basis. I’ll keep it fair by posting my own awkward moments when they occur (I’m brave enough). I’ll have to cherry-pick those since they happen hourly.

I’ll start this week with some inspiration. Our area has lots of natural bridges and caves. Here’s one my wife and I found recently that I wasn’t aware of until this year. I’m slightly ashamed that I didn’t know of it earlier in my life, since I’ve spent so many hours in the water within eyesight of it over the past 30 years. I’ve explored so much of this area, and it was right under my nose. Don’t bother asking me where it is, I won’t tell. The thrill of discovery is much more exciting than the knowledge of it’s whereabouts.


2 Responses to “Local Knowledge”

  1. Maryanne Gobble Photography Says:

    I found it and did some photography there last summer. The sand was high so not as much cave space. Can’t believe I had never heard of it either! I learned to bodyboard (flounder around) within eyesight of it when I was younger.

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