Local Knowledge: Mulch Maker

Recently, my area was pelted with 8 inches of rain in 48 hours. Creeks and rivers rose to levels I hadn’t witnessed before. Flooding occurred, and some people dealt with property damage. Landslides washed out roads. However, I’m always amazed at the resilience of this area to weather heavy storms. This one was no exception.

The video posted here is footage I took when a break in the storm occurred. It would have been an opportune time to beach-comb, since most of the material I paint on is found this way. I hadn’t checked the tides, so I wasn’t expecting what I saw. Watching shore-breaks made of logs and twigs is kind of hypnotic. Not to mention that it smells incredible due to the mulching taking place. You can’t hear it on the video, but logs are making great twisting and crunching noises. There’s irony finding peace in something that would grind you to a pulp; a bit like a moth drawn to a flame. We regularly surf with debris in the water; you learn quickly how to spot and dodge it. There was no chance of dodging destruction this day.


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