I heard this past week about the passing of Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius. He was a highly influential comic artist, and also worked on many Hollywood movies. One of my roommates in art school introduced me to his work back in the early 90’s. I wasn’t into comics, but quickly became a big fan of his art. The funny thing was, the book my roommate had wasn’t even his comic strips, it was a compilation of various pieces out of context from any sort of storyline. It didn’t matter. The art was wonderfully imaginative, and transported me to other places.

One art school assignment we had was to pick an illustrator and recreate a piece of their art from a different angle. I picked a picture Moebius did of a man walking through the desert carrying a dog in straps as though it was a suitcase. The dogs legs were dangling and it was quite humorous. In my illustration you were viewing the scene from the back instead of the front. From that view you realize it is a cardboard cut-out on display in a comic store window. Moebius illustration is reflected in the window as a child peers in at it. It was a fun piece, maybe someday I’ll dig it out of storage and show it on this blog.

Thanks for all your inspiration Moebius. You will be deeply missed by a lot of adoring fans.



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