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April 23, 2012

Here’s a new piece I just received back from being framed. It’s called “August”, and it was inspired by the beautiful Chetco river that flows in view of where I paint from my studio. I’ve had so many fond memories on this river. In my youth, my family spent our free-time in the summer lounging about on it’s banks. I didn’t lounge much though; I was too busy catching Salamanders, floating the rapids, jumping off rocks, and shivering on the waters edge trying to warm up and do that all again. It’s one of my favorite places.


Volume 27, Number 10: $3.50

April 18, 2012

This was the second surf magazine I purchased (Breakout was the first) as a young boy. I had become interested in surfing three years prior, but it took a while to acquire anything surf related in my small Oregon Coast town. I still have it, it’s in great shape considering all it’s travels. It’s never been placed in a periodical condom. Adding to my surprise is that it’s held together by three puny staples, instead of a glued binding. I guess this speaks to the sacred and exciting feelings I had for surfing as a young lad. When I flip through some of these old magazines I get slightly transported back in time, and I remember that intense interest I had for this untraditional sport. It felt magical; words really fall short in describing it’s importance to me as a kid. If you had something like that in your youth, then you can relate. I was a very imaginative young boy, so my mind naturally added a mystique to this far-off subculture. The surfers in it’s pages were my idols, and the day-glo clothing was my uniform. I was so stoked.

Thankfully, I’ve never lost my interest in the ocean and wave-riding. I’ve purposely moved away from the beach twice to try and form a new identity outside of being a surfer, but that’s never worked. I always return. I love it so. I’m not as interested in many aspects of surf culture as I once was, but that doesn’t affect how much time I spend in the ocean. I’ve compartmentalized the parts that bug me, preferring to focus on the other parts that give life. In a lot of ways, that boyhood exuberance is still alive and quite well.

I haven’t had time to reread this issue yet. Here are a few points of interest from a quick scan of it’s pages: Day-glo reigns and the clothing looks to be straight out of a Wham video, Tom Curren brought the world title back to America, mail-order surf videos were $30-$60 (ouch), there’s an article on Bodyboarding (angry letters to the editor next month for sure), there’s an ad for a retractable aerial handle with no actual picture of anyone using it to do an air (yours for only $19.50), and surf video Amazing Surf Stories was being released (the first surf vid I owned). Good-times.

Symbiosis #1

April 16, 2012

Recently, some of the new art I’ve been producing has been stripped down to it’s most basic elements. Most art I’ve done in the past I’ve considered to be a bunch of abstract elements combined to make something that looks representational. So for a time, I’ll eliminate the directly representational and see what happens. I’m not bothered by the loss of easily identifiable scenery. Quite the contrary, it feels freeing to put that to the side for a while. This process gives me new life and passion for the art, and that in turn will hopefully be felt by you the viewer. Enjoy.

Upcoming Art Event

April 6, 2012

I’ll be participating in a group show in Sarasota, Florida this month. Half of the proceeds from the sale of my artwork go to helping a children’s refuge in Southern Mexico. It’s taking place at The Compound, 4063 Clark Rd, from 7-10 p.m.