Volume 27, Number 10: $3.50

This was the second surf magazine I purchased (Breakout was the first) as a young boy. I had become interested in surfing three years prior, but it took a while to acquire anything surf related in my small Oregon Coast town. I still have it, it’s in great shape considering all it’s travels. It’s never been placed in a periodical condom. Adding to my surprise is that it’s held together by three puny staples, instead of a glued binding. I guess this speaks to the sacred and exciting feelings I had for surfing as a young lad. When I flip through some of these old magazines I get slightly transported back in time, and I remember that intense interest I had for this untraditional sport. It felt magical; words really fall short in describing it’s importance to me as a kid. If you had something like that in your youth, then you can relate. I was a very imaginative young boy, so my mind naturally added a mystique to this far-off subculture. The surfers in it’s pages were my idols, and the day-glo clothing was my uniform. I was so stoked.

Thankfully, I’ve never lost my interest in the ocean and wave-riding. I’ve purposely moved away from the beach twice to try and form a new identity outside of being a surfer, but that’s never worked. I always return. I love it so. I’m not as interested in many aspects of surf culture as I once was, but that doesn’t affect how much time I spend in the ocean. I’ve compartmentalized the parts that bug me, preferring to focus on the other parts that give life. In a lot of ways, that boyhood exuberance is still alive and quite well.

I haven’t had time to reread this issue yet. Here are a few points of interest from a quick scan of it’s pages: Day-glo reigns and the clothing looks to be straight out of a Wham video, Tom Curren brought the world title back to America, mail-order surf videos were $30-$60 (ouch), there’s an article on Bodyboarding (angry letters to the editor next month for sure), there’s an ad for a retractable aerial handle with no actual picture of anyone using it to do an air (yours for only $19.50), and surf video Amazing Surf Stories was being released (the first surf vid I owned). Good-times.


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