Here’s a new piece I just received back from being framed. It’s called “August”, and it was inspired by the beautiful Chetco river that flows in view of where I paint from my studio. I’ve had so many fond memories on this river. In my youth, my family spent our free-time in the summer lounging about on it’s banks. I didn’t lounge much though; I was too busy catching Salamanders, floating the rapids, jumping off rocks, and shivering on the waters edge trying to warm up and do that all again. It’s one of my favorite places.



8 Responses to “August”

  1. Tori Stults Hall Says:

    Every piece is beautiful! Growing up in Curry County in a surfing/water loving family I find each piece feels familiar and has a little piece of home. Love them all Spinner! Now to figure out which one’s I NEED a print of…

  2. mosscow Says:

    This is pretty surreal, and yet not at all; I remember different types of year where the water could literally be that shade of green in the right light … Emerald and Jade, sparkling … This rules man.

  3. spencerreynolds73 Says:

    Thanks Micah,

    This is currently my favorite piece. I have it hanging in the living room. I feel that in addition to what you said, it has a retro 50’s feel as well. That wasn’t entirely intentional, but I’m happy that showed up.

  4. Charlotte Fox Says:

    I just can’t get enough of this one. I love where your inspiration came from. Elephant Rock is my favorite place in the world. I agree with Micah- I’ve seen it this electric shade too. So many great memories flood in when I see this. Just lovely.

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