Here’s a new piece, I’m naming “Three”. It’s oil on driftwood. The waves on the rustic piece of wood are carved into it, they have a varnish coat to contrast the aged wood. I’m a novice woodworker, but I hope with each piece I will learn something new about working with wood.

If you’ve followed my art, you will see a continual theme. It’s an obsession for me to create art that has both rough and refined elements. This is a metaphor for how I perceive life. One example of this is that it reflects what goes on in my head. I feel like a sponge, absorbing everything I see, whether I want to or not. However, It’s impossible to process all that information, and therefore my artistic aesthetic seeks clean-lines, calm, and simplicity. The chaos of life always interrupts. Chaos isn’t always a bad thing, though it can be just that. Chaos is something I’m always pushing against. It has a tendency to occupy my mind. So this friction between order and chaos is present in the art I create. I don’t create many studies before I start a piece. I like to see my internal battles between chaos and order unfold as I paint. This can be a tremendously frustrating experience, and yet it’s one that I won’t abandon for techniques that are more efficient.



2 Responses to “Three”

  1. mosscow Says:

    This painting is a beautiful use of “the rule of thirds” – well, in two different ways! Well done Spence. This is really interesting & pleasing …

  2. spencerreynolds73 Says:

    Thanks Micah,

    Another beautiful thing about it is that it was sold before I even had it framed! The Facebook response to this one surprised me in a good way.

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