Symbiosis #2

Here’s another new piece I completed recently. I found this log on the beach and thought maybe it would eventually have potential for something. I sanded it down a bit, and proceeded to make another in my Symbiosis series. This series is an experimental one, maybe at some point I’ll have enough pieces to actually have a show. However, these first ones in the series I’m separating out to be sent to a couple galleries.

The process for these is somewhat of a freeform thing. When I start, the only thing I know I’m going to create is some sort of a watery scene. What happens along the way is unknown and exciting. If I were to compare it to music, I’d say it has something in common with a jam session. The musician when they start may have an idea of what style of music they will play. What happens along the way is a surprise and stimulating for creativity. Little unplanned pieces of art like this are an important part of my creative process. Whether the end product is good or bad is sort of irrelevant to me. The process re-inspires me and gives me energy to keep creating.

Maybe Log Lady would like to carry this piece around for a while.



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