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Local Knowledge: Adventure Week

June 14, 2012

Last week I had a visit from an old friend named Daniel Looman whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years. I promised him a great week full of adventure, however, the week was far better than I expected. I’m someone who does my best to appreciate where I live, but after that week, I realize there is so much more exploring to be done. Daniel sent me some photos of the week. I posted almost all of them in this post, because I enjoy them so much. Enjoy.



June 14, 2012

This is a new piece called “Offshoot”. It was a free-style burst of creative energy. My interest lately has leaned toward creating these unplanned pieces. I find that what I learn from them I can incorporate into all the other art I create.

Board Art Benefit: San Francisco

June 4, 2012

If you find yourself in San Francisco this Saturday night, you should come out to this event. The artwork will be amazing, and it’s for a good cause! The caliber of artwork is top-notch, and the boards are works of art in and of themselves. The board I painted for Jeff “Doc” Lausch will be there.

Friday night my friend Joe Curren will be having a photo art show at the Mollusk surf shop in San Francisco. I plan on attending both events.

Apologies to Doc for digitally ruining the nice outline of his board. I can’t recreate his nice outline on the computer, imagine how bad of a shaper I’d be.