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A Moment of Your Time

January 10, 2013

photo-2This is one of about two or so older surf related pieces I still have in my possession. I had Joe Curren frame it for me using walnut. He did a very nice job! The piece is called A Moment Easily Missed.




December 2012

January 2, 2013

6December was busier for me than I had anticipated. There were planned events like parties, and traveling by train (no, not the one pictured) to see my wife’s parents. It was also a lot busier month of art sales than I’d planned, being that I didn’t plan or promote anything. That was a real bonus for me!

The highlight of the month would have to be the trip by train to see Stacey’s family. I recommend traveling this way, if you don’t mind getting to your destination later than scheduled. A mudslide put an 8 hour delay on us in Spokane, however, this also meant that we were able to travel through Montana and Glacier National Park in the daytime. Which I guess is something that rarely happens; usually you travel through at night. It was hard to take in all the beauty, as it passed by it so quick. I absorbed as much of it as I could, with my face pasted to the window.

My son met a lot of friends and family for the first time. He’s not shy, loves to dance, and makes everyone laugh. Where does he get that from? Stacey had the opportunity to see a lot of people that are very dear to her, and I was brought along to eat Lefse and sugar cookies. I did my part.

2013 is off to a busy start. Many things planned. Lots of new art to be revealed. Stay tuned.