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Super Tiny Sketch for Really Large Project

April 9, 2013

photoThis is a little 3×3″ sketch for an upcoming mural project for the Vista Pub in Brookings. This is one of three images I’ll be recreating at 4×4′. The purpose of these small sketches is to map out composition, and to get a general sense of value. The sketch is based off of a photo I took of a spot north of town. A place so scenic that it almost feels made up in a sketch.



Off Course

April 3, 2013

Irregular-Frequency2012 was a year of a lot of change and growth for me, both in my artwork and life. I was tiring of always painting waves; so I headed in some different directions. Many of the pieces I created during this time were meant to be viewed in person, including this one. It’s called Irregular Frequency. It’s an oil painting on different layers of wood and epoxy resin. To my surprise, these pieces were a hit, and sold at the first show I had them in.

The artwork I’m creating this year is more representational. It also possesses many similar elements to the mostly free-form experiments I created last year. I’m in the midst of lining up some shows. Please be patient with me, because my plan is to not unveil them on the internet until after the shows occur. More info to come.