Super Tiny Sketch for Really Large Project

photoThis is a little 3×3″ sketch for an upcoming mural project for the Vista Pub in Brookings. This is one of three images I’ll be recreating at 4×4′. The purpose of these small sketches is to map out composition, and to get a general sense of value. The sketch is based off of a photo I took of a spot north of town. A place so scenic that it almost feels made up in a sketch.



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3 Responses to “Super Tiny Sketch for Really Large Project”

  1. Jeanette McVay Says:

    Wow, Wow hon. Very nice. Love, Mom


    Jeanette K. McVay

    Principal Broker, Blue Pacific Realty

    16289 Hwy. 101 S., Ste. A

    Brookings, Or. 97415, Mail to:

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    Licensed in the State of Oregon

  2. tomshepherdart Says:

    Love this little sketch…the place looks awesome!!

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