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John Baldessari

October 22, 2012

The rabbit trails I follow on the internet lead to some fun places. Here’s a fun little art history lesson narrated by Tom Waites. Enjoy!


Alex Weinstein

July 25, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Alex Weinstein’s artwork for many years. I had the pleasure of meeting him at an art show a few years back; he impressed me with how personable he was. It’s quite refreshing when you meet someone with immense artistic talent and insight, who’s also humble and approachable. Alex seems to be that rare combination.

This is a great little movie/interview with him. Enjoy.


March 12, 2012

I heard this past week about the passing of Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius. He was a highly influential comic artist, and also worked on many Hollywood movies. One of my roommates in art school introduced me to his work back in the early 90’s. I wasn’t into comics, but quickly became a big fan of his art. The funny thing was, the book my roommate had wasn’t even his comic strips, it was a compilation of various pieces out of context from any sort of storyline. It didn’t matter. The art was wonderfully imaginative, and transported me to other places.

One art school assignment we had was to pick an illustrator and recreate a piece of their art from a different angle. I picked a picture Moebius did of a man walking through the desert carrying a dog in straps as though it was a suitcase. The dogs legs were dangling and it was quite humorous. In my illustration you were viewing the scene from the back instead of the front. From that view you realize it is a cardboard cut-out on display in a comic store window. Moebius illustration is reflected in the window as a child peers in at it. It was a fun piece, maybe someday I’ll dig it out of storage and show it on this blog.

Thanks for all your inspiration Moebius. You will be deeply missed by a lot of adoring fans.

Craig Stecyk Interview | SURFER Magazine

February 6, 2012

Great insight! I’d like to read more interviews with him.

Craig Stecyk Interview | SURFER Magazine.

Local Knowledge: Stansell Guitars

December 26, 2011

There are many interesting people tucked away in the nooks and crannies of this coastline. One person I’ve known since the late 80’s is Les Stansell. We met because we both love indulging in oceanic activity; and also because the term “population density” applies better here to trees and fish than people. He has a specialty wood-shop where he crafts some of the finest Flamenco guitars you can find. I envy his shop and various wood-working tools, however, I wouldn’t know what to do with most of the tools if I owned them.

The photos above are the results of a visit my friend Joe made to Les’s shop the week before Christmas. Joe needed some Port Orford Cedar trimmed down to make fins for the surfboards he’s been shaping. While I was just along for the ride.

July 22, 2011

One of my favorite painters died Wednesday night. Rest in peace.

Joe Curren Photography

July 11, 2011

Joe Curren’s been a good friend of mine for a while now. Earlier this year I held him hostage…I mean…asked him if he would take some photos of me for an upcoming article in Slide magazine. I’ve admired his photography long before I ever knew him personally. He has a great eye for lighting and composing a shot. He’s also a firm believer in using film instead of digital. If you’ve ever used film, you can appreciate the expertise it takes to get a good shot. I’m very pleased with all the shots he took that day, but this one was super special to me. It’s the place I spent the majority of my youth. Within minutes of this shot being taken, rain fell from the sky in buckets. Brief moments are all you get sometime up here to be outside and stay dry.

If you have a moment, cruise on over to his blog and website. He recently posted this picture along with photos of two other Oregonians I admire deeply and am not worthy of having a photo of me in their presence.

The Glide – Jon Frank and the Australian Chamber Orchestra

April 7, 2011

I was just at watching the latest surf video snippets and found this beautiful video. As much as I’m astounded at what surfers can do these days, I’ve become a bit numb to the trickery combined with the latest pop music single. The formula hasn’t changed since I first started watching surf videos in the early 80’s. When you see the same images repeatedly, the extraordinariness of the amazing athletes can become under-appreciated. So really I’m saying more about my state of being than about the rad videos.

If you also suffer from this condition, but still love surfing, take a few minutes to watch this video. Enlarge it if you can, project it on a wall if you have that option (I’m going to), and enjoy.

Sensology and an Update

August 5, 2010

Here’s a cool video I found at Cartoon Brew this morning. They give some background on the piece and artists involved.

Summer’s been super busy for me. I’ve done some commissions, I’ve also been building a studio in my garage, and working on a new website. So almost no personal art has been done. That will hopefully change soon. My hopes are to have a new series to accompany the launch of my website. There will definitely be new art and merchandise available for purchase.

In other news, if you are headed to the ASR trade-show next week, I’ll be there. There’ll be an art show inside the Sacred Craft section of the ASR. If your in the area, come by and say hi.

Charley Harper Skate Decks

July 27, 2009

SkatedecksHabitat Skateboards is about to launch an exclusive line of Skate decks and shoes featuring the art of Charley Harper. I love Charley’s work. I’m not a skater, but I may have to buy one anyways. There will be a launch party July 31st at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, OH. Click here for more details.