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Looking Upstream

November 12, 2013

IMG_0339We had a stretch of nice weather on the Oregon coast recently. To change things up, I’ve been starting plein air pieces on these nice days. I’m a slowish painter, so I finish them in my studio. When I’m on location painting I learn so much about color, and when I return to my studio I have the time to think through how brushwork should be layer down.

One nice aspect about painting on wood is that I didn’t need the lower section of this art to make a good composition, so I’ll cut it off. You can see the piece simoultaneously in a rough state and a finished one. The rough area won’t be there much longer…chop, chop.


Brookings Art Festival

August 13, 2009

IMG_0467This weekend I will have an art booth at the Brookings/Harbor Art Festival in the port area. This is very convenient for me since I live here now. Most of the festivals and art shows I do I have to travel long distances for. So it will be nice to participate in one in my hometown. No rest for me in the summertime.

The scene above is simply a nice picture I took. It has no relevance to the festival. Somewhere on that horizon line I will have an art booth this weekend. If you look closely, you can almost see me waving.

New Painting

June 23, 2009


Since moving back to my hometown in November, I have found a lot of inspiration for new paintings from old hang-outs. I always thought the sunsets around here were incredible, and I found one recently that I wanted to paint. This painting is a little off of my regular style, but if you are paying attention to my style, you will see it changes quite frequently. I will be posting a number of new pieces soon on my website:

Upcoming Solo Show

June 11, 2009


I’ll have my artwork on display for the month of June at Signatures Gallery in Brookings, Oregon. The opening reception will be this Saturday the 13th from 4-7 p.m. Their address is 656 Chetco Avenue. Signatures features some amazing artists. Two that I’m a big fan of are Drew Struzan and Ken Auster. I was a wee little tike when I first encountered both of these artist’s work. Struzan of course did poster art for both Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Auster I knew from his beautiful paintings in Surfer Magazine of pro surfers that I think he did for Chart House restaurants (if my facts on whom he did them for are wrong I apologize, I’m too lazy to go and dig up the old mags). He later became known as one of the best impressionist painters of our time.

New Painting

May 13, 2009


A few days ago I finished this painting. I think I’m going to call it The Perch. It is based off of some photos I took less than a month ago. It’s an area near my home. There were only two ways to get to this viewpoint. It’s either crossing a small natural bridge about a foot and a half wide with 100 foot drops on either side, or trekking through poison oak. This time I chose the latter since it’s been at least tens years since I walked the bridge and now seem to get vertigo. I’m really allergic to poison oak, so I made sure I was well covered and then showered afterwards in Fels Naptha soap. Which people claim gets the oils off of your skin.

In a month, this painting is going to be available through Signature Gallery. Limited edition prints will also be available through them. It will also be made into a printed mural that will go up in Brookings.