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September 15, 2013

percolatorI’ve posted three new pieces on my website. This is one I started at the U.S. Open of Surfing this summer. I wasn’t too happy with it at the time. I brought it home, worked on it some more, and now it’s one of my favorite new pieces.



A New Piece.

May 8, 2013

Fermented-dialect(smaller)It’s called Fermented Dialect.


Art Details

February 13, 2013

Art Details

These are four detail shots of new artwork. The artwork will be posted sometime this year.

Old Piece, New Frame

February 13, 2013

Old Piece, New Frame

Here’s another piece I recently had Joe Curren reframe. He did a great job!

A Moment of Your Time

January 10, 2013

photo-2This is one of about two or so older surf related pieces I still have in my possession. I had Joe Curren frame it for me using walnut. He did a very nice job! The piece is called A Moment Easily Missed.




September 21, 2011

Here’s a new surf art piece I created recently. It will be on display next month at two places in Southern California. On October 7th it will be at Bliss 101 in Encinitas, and on the 8th and 9th it will be on display at Sacred Craft in Del Mar. I’ll be there also…I’m it’s roadie.

Five of the best

April 11, 2011

Club of the Waves is celebrating their fifth anniversary. They asked the artists and photographers to pick their top 5 favorite images or artwork. My top 5 are always changing, so if you asked me in a week, I may give you a different list. Anyways, follow this link to see my current top 5 as of last week. Thanks to Club of the Waves for all their support over the years.

Upcoming Solo Show

February 24, 2009


My current load of creations

My current load of creations

I have a solo show coming up soon in Portland, Oregon. It will take place at Artful Goods. It’s quite a nice contemporary gallery and gift shop.

Opening Night: Friday, March 6th

Artful Goods, 1233 SW 10th, Portland, Oregon